Planet Nibiru and the Secret Sources of Jewish Information

navymapNibiru is a Planet that orbits around the sun. It was discovered recently by a team of astronomers – at the California Institute of Technology. They announced that they have found new evidence of an icy planet lurking in the darkness of our solar system. Far beyond the orbit of Pluto, “Planet Nine” is the name they gave it” Some Call Nibiru Planet X (X = 10 in Roman Numerals)- because previously Pluto was considered the 9th planet. Now that they demoted Poor Pluto from planet status – they call it Planet Nine.

Published in the Astronomical Journal, their paper, estimates the planet’s mass as five to 10 times that of the Earth. But the authors, astronomers Michael Brown and Konstantin Batygin, have not observed the planet directly. They derived it by observing discrepancies in other planets orbits. Some Estimate its orbit around the sun to be about 3,600 years, others say it may take 20,000 years.

I guess they are going to teach young kids – “My Very Educated Mother Just Served Me Nine Noodles” – for the Order of the planets.

The Cover-Up

Some claim this is planet the mysterious Nibiru, that is shrouded in secrecy. Apparently NASA has known about it for many years but has been denying the existence. They are afraid if people know about the negative effects it may cause, people may panic. Some important people in the government already prepared bunkers for the arrival. They say that if this planet gets too close to the earth the gravitational pull may cause massive flooding. In the worst case scenario – they say some of the states may be completely flooded. They say the safest place to be will be the Land of Israel.

In any case it would make sense to keep a two week supply of food in the house and make plans to follow the 7 Noahide laws and move to Israel – for at least the time that flooding will subside. Pure Speculation, but possible is that this is the star that passed by the earth in the time of Noah – that caused massive flooding. Possible? If this is the case the orbit will probably be around (Current Hebrew Year 5776 – Year of Flood 1696 = 4,080 years)

The Jewish Sources of Information

Once President George Bush asked the CIA how the Jews have access to top secret information before others. They answered, they go to the outside of the synagogue and talk about latest events. George Bush decided to disguise himself as a Hassidic Jew to verify this. Dressed with a beard and side locks he turned to a congregant and asked – “What is the latest news?” The man answered non chalantly “President Bush is among us.”

A person connected to Torah has access to information that the average person does not. Why? Because the Torah was written by G-d and contains all information. Like it says in Pirkei Avot “Turn it and Turn it, because all is in it [the Torah]”

Some say I believe what I see. That limits knowledge to things visible to the eye. Radio waves are not visible to the eye. Yet we know they exist.

The scope of Jewish knowledge is greater – for it takes into account – the spiritual dimension. It takes into account G-d’s total knowledge as written in Torah – which includes prophecy and Torah codes. Near-Death experiences & “Facilitated Communication” with Autists.

The Torah Itself
The Torah, – which includes the Tanach, Talmud, Midrashim, the Zohar – reveals secrets that are not known to or cannot be derived by man. Aish HaTorah – has a seminar – the Discovery Seminar – that shows how spies verify if a message they received is truth. They put a message through several tests. At Aish they put the Torah through those tests. One of the methods of verifying the Truth of a message is to show that the information contained therein is true. The Torah says that All Fish that have scales have fins. A scientist would never venture to say this – because if they found a fish with scales and no fins – he would lose his reputation. The Torah says it. Till today no one found a fish with scales and no fins.


A Book came out about 15 years ago called the “Secrets of the Soul.” It talks about a method of communication with autistic people – called Facilitated Communication – discovered by a university professor. When they used this form of communication – with certain autistic people – they discovered that they are highly intelligent and connected to the other world. There is a whole site on the messages that these people give. Recently, they gave a message about Nibiru. They say that it may cause great flooding – confirming what Nasa scientists have known about for years.

Torah Codes

The Torah Codes are encoded information found in the Torah. It works like this: Take a letter skip every certain number of letters – and you will find a word. This is called Equidistant Letter Skip (ELS). Using Torah Codes researchers found names of contemporary Rabbis next to their date of Birth or death. And many other recent events. Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson – Versed in Torah, Science and Codes- found codes of Nibiru and Elenin in the Torah. Elenin – is a comet. Some words close to it he found are “comet”, “star”. It is found near the the verse talking about “When it will be painful for you and all these things will occur at the end of time and you leave from the good path…”

Near-Death Experience
In Judaism we believe in the after-life. The soul comes to this earth in the clothes of a body – to acquire merit to be able to live a greater – eternal life as a soul. This is the world where one can inherit merits – only through the doing of the Mitzvot and good deeds. Gentiles do their 7 Noahide laws and Jewish people do the 613 commandments.

The next world is the world of truth – because it is clear there that Hash-m, the G-d that revealed himself in the national revelation to the Jews, is the true G-d.

Recently, a 15 Year old boy had a near death experience and tells of what he saw in heaven. He says that the world nations will come to Israel for some reason – and then they will try to take it over.

The Torah tells of what will happen in the future. These have been very accurate. They spoke about the Gulf War and missiles being shot against Israel and shot down – like in Operation Defensive Edge. One in the Zohar talks about the 9/11 Terrorist Attack against the US. One speaks of the war go Gog ou Magog – which is basically World War III.

Spirit of Holiness
Holy people, who guard their eyes and learn Torah – are sometimes privy to information that is not known to the public.

Once a man was driving in Lakewood, New Jersey. Two old men walked into the road in front of him. He killed them by a No-fault accident. He still felt guilty, so he wrote a letter to a great Rabbi in Israel asking what he can do to atone for this accidental killing. The rabbi wrote back one word. “Amalek” Amalek is the enemy of the Jews that wants to annihilate the Sonei Yisrael. He looked into the matter and found that those two people he killed were Nazis in Hiding.

Rabbis suggest that everyone has a one to two week supply of food at home just in case.

Apparently Nibiru could cause havoc. Apparently people can avoid its devastating effects. Just like in the flood of Noah, if people repented the last minute – G-d would have nullified the flood – apparently we too have a choice to avoid the effects of Nibiru by Repentance according to Torah and doing good deeds.

Marriage. What’s Stopping You? or Pushing You to Stop?

Wedding Ring Pictures 1My uncle is a matchmaker in France. That’s HIS Mitzvah. Professionally, he works in computers. He made over 100 matches that resulted in marriage. Once he asked an older gentleman in his fifties – why he didn’t get married all these years. He answered “I Forgot to.”

Today people are getting married later. Why? One reason is they want to “enjoy life” or “have a good time” and one day they will settle down. Some are still in good time mode. Some never get out of it.

One big problem is is that the person who you might have a good time with may not be the person you want to marry. Generally, one wants a spouse that is responsible and wants to raise a family that has good values. A person who will give you a good time may be irresponsible, fickle but fun. Thus people don’t always find the mate that is a good marriage partner. About 50% of couples that do get married end up in divorce.

Getting into Marriage Mode – Talking on the Same wavelength

So how can a person find the right mate? Look for what qualities you want in your marriage partner – not a person that will give you a good time. A person that will make you happy is not the same person that will give you a good time.

The simple solution is put yourself in marriage mode – instead of party mode. A Jewish observant professor – asked her class – how many people have no intention to marry the person they are dating? Many of the men’s hands went up. One of the woman who was dating a man that raised his hand was sincerely vexed. They were on two different wavelengths.

Observant Jews date to find out if a partner has potential to be a spouse. Obviously, they also want someone with whom they can enjoy life, communicate and have mutual respect. Their mindset is on finding out if their date is a good prospect for marriage. They are celibate until marriage. This helps them make a more unbiased decision.

Do You Really Want to Tie the Knot or Not

My friend ran a singles event for Hanukah for people over 30. It was a success. When I asked how it went, One person at the party noticed people were kind of lost. He mentioned his take on the event. He said many people there seemed to be there just to go through the motions. There to not feel guilty that they didn’t make their effort.

Apparently, one should pinpoint what is stopping them.

That was a novel thought to me. I thought people were sincerely interested in marriage.

Reasons for Remaining Single

Apparently many have reasons for not getting married. For some it is the fear of commitment. Some are looking for perfection.

Some are reluctant because something bothers them about their partner.

Marriage is not necessarily for a person to find a mate that will fulfill their requirements to the tea.

Marriage is to help the individual reach a greater level of perfection.

Thus the people whose list of requirements are lengthy or one or two aspects bothers them about the other is not necessarily a reason to reject a mate.

If a wife angers her husband – it is not a reason for him to reject her. A woman just sometimes mirrors or latches on to character flaws that the husband is to correct. So, Instead of returning anger for anger, it behooves him to correct his faulty character trait. (Also woman are very good at winning an argument :))

What are the priorities

Once an older boy was searching to get married. He went on many dates to no avail. He went to ask the Steipler Gaon, a great Rabbi, why was G-d making it so difficult for him to find the right mate for him. He already went on many dates. The Steipler answered him back “The second girl you met was your bashert (destined mate).”

Apparently, he rejected her because his standards didn’t conform to what was good for him.

Someone asked me “Why did G-d not let the Jews stay in Egypt longer – in the desert they claimed that they longed to return to Egypt?” The Jews were to stay there 400 years but only stayed 210 years.

I answered “How long did it take the Jews to leave Egypt?” The boys knew it was 18 minutes. Why didn’t G-d leave them more time? Because if they did remain in Egypt longer – they would have been slaves till today. The commentators explain that – if the Jews had not left at that time – they would have remained with a slave mentality till today.

What is a slave mentality – “The world is against us. Why do we suffer? Why are we mistreated in society? …” G-d took us out just in time – so that we wouldn’t develop a slave mentality.

G-d does all for the good – so even though something may not suit you – G-d may do something to ultimately help you.

Thus if a person receives a proposal for a marriage minded date – a person should think twice before rejecting it. G-d sent this person into your path – the least one can do is to offer it the appropriate consideration.

I used to take dates proposed very seriously. Sometimes I would go out even if the woman was average and did not fit completely my preferences – because I knew if G-d didn’t want it to work out, He would arrange that this match would be broken off. Obviously, the minimum requirements must be there.

I heard of some requirements for mates – some reasonable some not – he has to be rich, she has to buy me a house, he has to be perfectly righteous and have never failed in his service to G-d.

My cousin gave me a list of priorities to search for in a mate – A Kind heart, Has proper Torah values, has a desire to grow in spirituality, responsibility, attractiveness.

It’s a Mitzvah to marry

One needs to know that his wife is an ezer kenegdo – literally – “a helpmate against him” – if he does good – she helps him – if he does wrong she goes against him. (Or that is the way it is supposed to be).

Some will be quick and careful for purchasing a proper Etrog for Sukkoth. Yet when it comes to marriage they push it off.

Once one realizes that marriage is a mitzvah – thus one should put aside some of their caprices for the priorities. A Rabbi once gave the following advice – write a list of 10 of the most important qualities you seek in a mate. If you find five out of the 10 – the are worthy marriage partner to seriously consider.

Marriage of the Same Religion and Similar Backgrounds

Some say opposites attract. But more commonality , common sense says will cause more common thoughts and feelings.

One reason for a Jew to marry Jewish, asides from the fact that it is prohibited for a Jew to marry out of Judaism, in the Torah is that – it it not fair to the resulting children. Psychologically, children from mixed marriage suffer from a lack of self-definition. They do not know if they belong in one camp or another. If they should celebrate this holiday or another. Should they believe A or B? What a great suffering to put children through for “love.” Love should be responsible and to build people and couples not just for one’s own selfish gratification.

The Levels of Marriage

Marriage is the ultimate conduit with which to serve G-d. There are several levels of marriage – like it says in the book of the River, the Kettle and the Bird.

One Level is where the couple – are like trading partners on a river. One does a and the other does b. they have different interests, but both gain.

A greater level is the kettle – where the fire and the kettle work in unison towards a particular goal – in this case to boil water.

A Higher level – is when the couple is like one, souring to spiritual heights like a bird.

The Rabbi’s Blessing & the Mafia Godfather

220px-Aharon_KotlerRabbi Aharon Kotler was one of the most influential Rabbis of the Torah World in the US. He came from Europe and reignited the embers of Torah that were extinguished in Europe during the Holocaust in the US.

He was burning with love for Torah and the Jewish people. He created the Yeshiva of Lakewood – one of the capitals of Torah learning in America.

He saved many Jews in the Holocaust through his meetings with Top people in politics, business and even the mafia.

In his quest to save Jews – he did not shy away from meeting even top mob figures.

From Emunah magazine:

This true story took place during World War II when twenty-four rabbis were being held in Italy and faced being returned to Nazi-occupied Europe and certain death.

Rav Aharon Kotler, founder and rosh yeshiva of the Lakewood Yeshiva,turned to the well-known askan and subsequent author of Ethics From Sinai, Irving Bunim, and asked him who could intercede on behalf of these 24 rabbonim. Irving Bunim suggested the Italian Mafia. Rav Kotler urged Mr. Bunim to contact them immediately.
After contacting them, he asked Rav Aharon, “Who are we sending to the meeting?”

Rav Aharon replied, “You and I are going.”

Off they went to meet the godfather of the Mafia, Joe Bonnano. Rav Aharon did not speak English, so it was Mr. Bunim who explained the problem of the 24 rabbonim trapped in Italy.

The Mafia chief asked Mr. Bunim, “Who is the elderly man sitting next to you?”

He told him, “He is the godfather of the Jewish people.”

“Really?” asked the Mafia chief.

“Yes!” replied Mr. Bunim emphatically.

“Tell him I want a blessing.”

So Mr. Irving Bunim turned to Rav Aharon and in Yiddish told him, “Ehr vill a bracha fun de rov. (He wants a blessing from the rov).”

“Zog eim ehr zol leiben lang un shtarben in bet.”

Irving Bunim turned back to the mafia chief Joe Bonnano and told him, “The rabbi blesses you with long life and you should die in bed.”

Upon hearing this, the mafia chief replied, “I like that,” and promised within 2 weeks to arrange the freedom of the 24 rabbonim stuck in Italy, which he did indeed accomplish.

Twenty-something years later, in 1964, a shiny black stretch limo pulls up in front of Lakewood Yeshiva in Lakewood, New Jersey. Two fancy-dressed men get out and walk up to the office. They say are looking for Rabbi Kotler. Out comes a man who introduces himself.

“No, not you,” say the two Italian guys. “We are looking for an older man.”

“That was my father,” says the rosh yeshiva, Rav Shneur Kotler, ”but he passed away a number of years ago.”
The Italian men explain that they are the Bonnano brothers, and that their father always “attributed his long life to your saintly father’s blessing. Now that he has just retired, we are taking over the business and we came here for the same blessing.”

“I’m sorry,” says Rav Shneur, “my father could do that, but I am not on that high level.”
Disappointed, but clearly understanding the concept of yeridas hadoros – the descent of the generations, the new Mafia chiefs bid farewell to Rav Shneur.

For saving 24 rabbonim from the Nazis, and with Rav Aharon Kotler’s bracha, Joe Bonnano – the Mafia godfather – lived to 97 years old.

For the Love of G-d


And these are the Names of the the Children of Israel that are Coming to Egypt – Yaakov / Jacob, a man and his house came. (Shemot 1:1) Reuven, Shimon Levi and Yehuda. Yissachar, Zevulun, and Binyamin. Dan and Naftali, Gad and Asher. And all the souls that came out from the loins of Yaakov were seventy souls and Yosef was in Mitzrayim.

This week in the weekly Torah reading that we read in the Shabbat Morning Service – we start a new book in the Chumash / 5 Books of Moses – Shemot / Exodus. This book we are introduced to Moshe / Moses – who is born and eventually leads the Jewish nation out of Egypt as Free men. To Leave Egypt – we first learn how we got there.

Rashi – the classic commentator on the Torah – speaks on the first verse. Rashi usually explains the verses based upon the fact that he had an obvious question on the verse or verses. His implicit question on the first verse – Why do you need to tell me the names of the children of Yisrael (also known as Yaakov / Jacob) , entering Egypt. We know that the sons of Jacob entered into Egypt.

Rashi Answers – Even though (that G-d) counted them (the children of Israel) in their lifetime in their names – he returned and counted them after they died – to teach you of their being beloved (to G-d) – for they are like the stars – that go out and enter with their number and their names … all of them he called them in their name.

G-d loves his creatures. He loves people more than a parent can love their children. G-d has a special love for the Jewish people for they – followed him into the desert and traveled there for 40 years.

How are we to get close to G-d? A person asked a great sage, the H’azon Ish – how to achieve spirituality and closeness to G-d? He answered – G-d gave us laws called the Halacha – Jewish Law in the (work called) the Shulh’an Aruch (by Rabbi Yosef Karo). By following them we achieve closeness to G-d.

Basically spirituality is becoming close to G-d. G-d gave us the guide to become close to him. For Jews it is following the Halacha. For Gentiles – it is the 7 Noahide laws.

If one were to contemplate the unimaginable kindness that G-d provides for us every single second – and we would appreciate it – we would be tring to follow every single detail of the laws.

What does G-d do? He gives us life, makes every single cell of our body grow, gives us food – every single cell and molecule is being created for our good, he provides us with shelter, money… The list goes on.

Parallel to that is working on emulating G-d – by learning Jewish self-improvement works / Mussar – like Mesilat Yesharim / the Path of the Just, Orhot Tzadikim / the ways of the Righteous, Shaarei Teshuva / The Gates of Repentance, etc.

One more thing to become closer to G-d is to attach ourselves to the righteous Talmidei Hakhamim / Torah Scholars. The 20th of Tevet / the night of Dec 31 this year is the Yartzeit of the Rambam / Maimonides and Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzeira. Both tremendous sages. Both tremendous righteous people. Getting closer to and learning from the Righteous Torah Sages – in their lifetime or by attending Hilloula Celebrations for the Deceased Righteous Scholars – allows us to deepen our connection to G-d.

Light a candle in their memory and pray to Hash-m that in their merit your prayers will be answered.

Disagreeing Without Becoming Disagreeable

Tea_bagsTetley Tea used to have short quotes on the tag of the teabag. One was “When Disagreeing Don’t Become Disagreeable.” Wisdom from a teabag.

Some say “I don’t agree, I don’t like.”

The Torah says respect every person. Be respectful to even a criminal. Treat him or her with common decency. This is the definition of tolerance – Being respectful to all.

Accepting all people’s actions because they do it – that is degeneration. If a person does something improper – respect them but take precautions to avoid you or your family from being improperly influenced.

Hating people because they have different point of view is not proper either. The Torah says just as one should not hate a person because they look different, they should not hate a person because they think differently.

Hate evil. Hate when people do evil.

The Rambam – Maimonides – states that the middle road is completion. Thus those who do evil – we act respectfully but do not condone their actions. If the need be, like if they steal, we put them to judgment – treating them with respect at all times.

Man of Religion or Man of Truth. Man of Truth Wins.

MBPJ249-00Five people deserved a great honor in the Torah. One was a Righteous man, another a righteous woman, one a righteous convert to Judaism, one a wicked man, and one a zealous man. They were all people of truth. Their great honor accorded to them? They had a parasha / weekly Torah reading (of the humash / 5 books of Moses) named after them. They were Noah, Sarah, Yitro, Balak and Pinhas.

Noah searched for the truth in a generation of the flood – where all his co-citizens of earth were following evil. Sarah, our Matriarch, was the helpmate of Avraham, our Patriarch – who brought the truth that Hash-m / G-d runs the world in a generation of idol worshipers.

Yitro was a priest that followed after all different religions – and rejected them because of their falsity – before becoming a righteous convert to Torah. Balak, was the king of the nation of Moab, who hated the Jewish nation. He hired somone to curse the nation. His quality? That he didn’t hide his hatred – he wasn’t a flatterer, that in front of the Jews faces he would show favor, and behind their backs he would try to hurt them. He was honest – he hated the Israelites and acted with hatred. Pinhas stood for truth when he saw the Jews were acting immorally with the daughters of Midyan.

A thief once asked a rabbi what was one thing he could do to do proper Teshuva / repentance for the years of his stealing and wean himself off this negative trait. He wanted something easy to do.

The rabbi thought a moment and said – “never tell a lie. The man agreed – he thought it was doable. They parted ways. The rabbi met the man several weeks later and complained to the Rabbi “Rabbi, not saying a lie is too difficult for me. I want to go and steal – and I ask myself – “Is this the right thing to do?” and since I committed to telling the truth – I must admit to myself that it is not.

Eventually the man became a sincerely good person – following the laws of the Torah.

I met men of many races, colors, religions. Men that profess to being ministers, and the such. Many of them – were men of religion – but not necessarily men of truth.

If one only accepts truth they can arrive at truth. Prayer to Hash-m / G-d that one finds truth also helps.

Today one is free to choose their religion. But no one can choose their truth. Truth is independant of feelings. Thus G-d gave us the formula to arrive to following in his ways. Seeking Truth.

Many say they have truth – but they are liers. The fact they say they have truth – means that they are not comfortable in letting it be known that they have less than adequate anwers to simple questions.

Abraham, our Patriarch arrived at speaking with G-d because he was a seeker of truth. anyone who follows this formula will also be able to arrive to the service that G-d wants.

A person who seeks to follow in the path of goodness and G-dliness – first and foremost must be true to himself.

Today – religions are a dime a dozen. The “ism”s abound. Communism, Liberalism, Capitalism, Judaism. But the truth is – just like one chooses friends, one must choose their religion. It is not what feels right or seems right – it is what is right -even if it is not comfortable.

One of the first requirements in attaining true spirituality and closeness to G-d is being truthful.

The seal of G-d is truth. The point of this article is not to judge, but to give a person a starting point to think out their positions in life. Many a time I was going down a road and when I reached the end, I found it was the wrong road. The point is to illuminate the choice of paths so that one will not regret their choice of a path at the end.

Here are some questions – honest people may grapple with:

Many people swear by the “Bible.” Let’s for now consider the bible to be the five books of Moses. The 10 commandments are their credo. Yes they are devout. But every day they ignore the second commandment. The second commandment says that one is not to make any image of G-d – whether it be in heaven or on earth. Thus anyone who makes the image of G-d as an animal, man, object, star, planet, fire, or angel is transgressing that commandment. The person of truth – who follows the 5 books of Moses – will reject the religion that tells them to worship a man.

Some religions say G-d chose the Jews – but he changed his mind. Or He changed his laws or He gave a law to the people that people didn’t understand. Now come on. Do you really think that G-d, omnipotent, will give a law that people are unable to observe? If He gives it, He knows people can observe it. Or will G-d give a detailed set of laws and then say “You know what forget about it.”? In the Torah, that G-d gave us there are laws for Jewish people and laws for non-Jewish people. A Jew has 613 commandments from the Torah. A gentile has 7 commandments from the Torah (the Sheva Mitzvot Benei Noach / Noahide Laws). In Judaism, a gentile need not convert to becoming Jewish to get a place in heaven. If they follow their respective laws they get a place in heaven.

Does it make sense that G-d has a weakness? Being physical is a weakness. Being killed is a weakness. Anything that has a weakness must not be G-d. G-d is omnipotent. Once a person went to Japan to persecute the Jews. The Japanese official asked “what makes you so adamant to persecute them?” He answered – “They Killed our G-d” The Japanese official said “If Your G-d died, he must not be G-d.” That was the point of Avraham, anything that has a weakness cannot be G-d. Anything that is physical or spiritual has a weakness – it is limited. If it is limited – it has a weakness and cannot be G-d. G-d is unlimited and has no weaknesses.

Atheists – that do not beleive in G-d – have a problem in logic to deal with. Randomness does not produce order. Order is due to thought and intelligence. Thus, if there is order, there must be an intelligent creator who created and sustains the whole order of nature and the physical universe.

Agnostics – who believe in G-d but not in any particular way of religion, may ask themselves – does it make sense that G-d created a world without giving directions on how to conduct oneself. Would one make a city or counrty without laws? The Next step is to determine which set of laws are the laws that G-d gave. Judaism is more likely because it is the only way of like that has the fact that millions of people heard G-d speak at Mount Sinai about 3,300 years ago. Also G-d doesn’t change his “mind.”

The Messiah’s role is to bring the world to world peace. If a person whom people claim to be Messiah died and peace was not achieved in their lifetime – wouldn’t it mean that that person is not the Messiah? Why would G-d need that same person to be resurrected? – Wouldn’t it make sense for G-d to send someone else instead?

Some religions condone violence. Some religions have a history of tremendous cruelty to innocent people. Do you think that G-d really wants his innocent children to be hurt by other children? I don’t think so. Every act of violence in the name of the religion removes from its credibility.

Some people cringe when you mention religion. If I were them I would too. They include Judaism in the religion category and thus avoid it. Yet when it comes to stereotyping people of different races, or colors – they would consider you a bigot. The Torah says respect all people – but know that they are liable to follow the law. judaism should not be lumped into the category of religions – because It has not the negative aspects that other religions may have. Judaism was the founder of monotheism in the world – other such religions came after.

Some Jewish people refrain from giving children a Torah education. Their reason – they want their child to make A decision on their own. The problem is to make a proper decision one should be exposed to both sides, the Torah and the secular. If a child is only exposed to the secular, through media, like tv, newspapers and the like, they are only exposed to one side of the story. Their decision will not be balanced, but biased. A child given a Torah education is exposed to both sides of the story and can thus Truly make an unbiased decision.

The Torah guides a person to act with modesty. This includes dressing modestly. This is comprised of two aspects being covered and not attracting the looks of the opposite gender. In Torah, married Jewish Women cover their hair. Does the hair covering or clothing accomplish both aspects?

Many people observe holidays – that has its origins in idolatry and human sacrifices – falling pray to the marketers who want to make sales of their products. But they never found out about what is the origin of the holiday. Unfortunately, many Jews even observe these non-Jewish holidays that have their origins from idolatry, anarchy and tremendous cruelty. A Rabbi gave a lecture about the history of Xmas and New Years – gives an unsavory background of these days.

If you were G-d that was giving a law to the world – would you give it to one man and then tell him to propogate it? Or would you let millions of people know about the divine law? What makes more sense to you? Out of all the religions in the world – no religion even claims that millions of people witnessed the giving of the dive law – except Judaism.

People searching for spirituality – have to deal with the question: “What exactly is Spirituality?” The Simplest definition is the Method to become Closer to G-d. Given that, apparently wouldn’t it make more sense to follow the religion – that G-d actually spoke to millions of people in their nation to give them a Divine law – than to follow a sect that a random guru made up yesterday? Wouldn’t it make more sense to travel to Jerusalem for spirituality than the Far East.

Is Judaism more humanist than liberalism? Judaism wants the propogation of man to have a great world with a spectrum of all people. Liberalism – through its defending of same gender marriage – curtails that beautiful variety – by limiting the propogation of certain sections of the poulation. Judaism says every person must be treated with respect – but if they commit a crime they must be punished. Liberalism defends not the respect of the person who commited the crime – but the crime itself – leading to a degenerative society. Also by defending the criminals “rights” to doing the crime they cause millions of people to suffer. Is it better criminals suffer for their crimes – or that the whole poulation have to suffer from the worry of having such criminals among them in society?

Does my preferences or heart guide my values or does the truth or my mind guide my values?

People who complain about G-d’s role in the Holocaust or any other tragedy – are they also cognizant of all the tremendous good that G-d does continuously – every single moment?

People divide Jews into denominations. Just like they didn’t exist at the time Moses gave the Torah, they don’t exist today. When one gets to heaven, they will not ask were you orthodox or conservative – they will ask did you follow the code of Jewish law – the Shulhan Aruch? These titles serve to separate. We have one commonality – that we are Jews. And the Torah is the law that unites us.

There are basically three questions for a person to arrive at the Truth. To Arrive at belief in Judaism, one must answer three questions

1. Does it make more logical sense to believe that G-d Exists or that He does not?

2. Did He give a divine law for people to follow?

3. Which law is it?

These are just a small collection of examples. But each person has to deal with being truthful to himself. In the end of life – the Torah says – a person will be sent to a world of truth – heaven. If they don’t arrive at truth here – they will find out the truth in the next world. I assure you it is better to find out here in this world than to find out later.

Thinking is beneficial to living a purposeful life. A person who acted a certain way in the past always has the possibility of starting again anew and wiping the slate clean. The first step is to want to find truth.

G-d gave us a brain to think. The idea of Judaism is to use our minds and questioning and inside fire to find the true path. The Torah is G-d’s word. It is not afraid of Questions. On the contrary, it encourages question. Truth is not afraid of questions. Falsity is.

Following the truth is not always convenient. Is not always easy. It does not always make you feel warm and cozy inside. One thing it does do – it does make you a real man or real person – that has the potential to reach closer to the one who said “Let there be Light.” This was the path of Abraham – of how he reached the tremendous heighs of illumination and closeness to G-d. It’s in everyone’s hands to also be closer to our Father in heaven – if we are adamant to truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The quest towards perfection begins here.

May the Force be With You – Jewish Philosophy in Star Wars

Confessions-of-a-Jewish-Jedi-230x150People love a good ending. Good triumphs over evil. The hero beats the villain. Apparently people deep inside know what is good or bad. Otherwise people wouldn’t care.

Each person has good inside him or her. The point that Judaism stresses is to develop and use that good to help others.

I was one of the first Star Wars fans. I remember some of the exciting parts.

Good Triumphs over Evil

Many of the themes of movies are based upon Torah principles. Good will triumph over evil is a Torah principle. The reason why Yitzhak / Isaak, our patriarch , which means “He will laugh” in Hebrew is called such – is because after all the sufferings that the Jewish people endured throughout the centuries for keeping morality alive – the morality of the Torah will triumph – and we will have the last laugh.

In one film, they destroyed the “Death Star.” It was threatening the existence of other planets. So – an imminent danger must be destroyed.

The point of our lives is to distance ourselves from evil and generate good.

May the Force be With You

Someone suggested that one of the reason why the US currency is the standard is because it says on the Dollar “In G-d we trust.” Possible. It is possible to say that star wars was successful because it has a concept of the Force – G-d or Hash-m in Judaism – running the world. In the film, the Force is a good power that directs the world for goodness. In Judaism, Hash-m / G-d is a good power that directs the world for goodness.

Belief in in G-d and Oneself

Once Yoda – told Luke Skywalker to lift up a spaceship (the X-wing fighter), through psycho-kinetics, out of the water. He said “That is impossible.” Yoda told him “That is why you fail” and preceded to lift it out.

In Judaism – one is to believe in oneself – to achieve their maximum. One also believes in G-d to be able to overcome any power.

In the Nefesh HaChaim – it states that one has the ability to Nullify Any Power in the World. It says ”
The exiled will only be redeemed in the future for the merit of belief [in Hashem]”

(Tanchuma Beshalach 10) Nefesh HaChaim – Gate 3, Chapter 12
In truth it (having belief & faith in Hash-m) is a great matter & an awesome ability (Segulah) to remove & nullify from oneself all judgments & wills of others – that they will have no power or influence upon you whatsoever.
When a person fixes in his heart to say “Is not Hash-m the true G-d & besides Him, may He be Blessed, there is no power whatsoever in the world & in all the worlds at all & all is filled only with His simple Oneness, may His Name be Blessed.”
And [then] he shall nullify with a complete nullification & he will not be concerned about any power or will in the world. And he will attach & cling the purity of his thoughts – only to the One Master, Blessed be He. Thus the Blessed One will give in his hands – to automatically nullify by himself all of the forces & desires in the world that absolutely nothing will be able to affect him.

Say No to Idolatry

In one film – the Robot C3P0 went to a planet. When the creatures there bowed to him – he said – “It’s against my programming to impersonate a deity.” In the 7 Noahide laws from the Torah for all people in the world – is the prohibition of idolatry. In the second of the 10 commandments – is against idolatry. it says one shall not make an image of G-d – this means anything – an object, an animal, a star, a planet, a robot, a man, an angel – anything spiritual or physical. (Aish HaTorah) has some good articles on further analogies, a question a person asked the rabbi on it and even confession of a Jewish Jedi.

At one point in my spiritual development – I stopped watching movies. There is opportunity cost to time. I figured I could achieve more good during that time.

May the Force / Hash-m be with you.

The Human Aura & Spirituality – Forget Far East – Travel to Jerusalem

tephillinauraA person is surrounded by a light that is usually imperceptible to the human eye. This light is called the Aura / Hira in Hebrew. (Interesting to note that “Aura” is similar to the word for light in Hebrew – mother of all languages – “Ohr”)

In the 1930s, a scientist from the Soviet Union, Semyon Davidovich Kirlian noticed that when a patient’s hand was attached to a high-frequency d’Arsonval electrotherapy device (that generates currents of 0.5-2 MHz called “D’Arsonval currents” for therapy) there was a small flash of light between the machine’s electrodes and the patient’s skin. He wondered if he would be able to photograph that light.

Experimenting with similar equipment he was able to take an unusual and striking photograph of an apparent energy discharge around his own hand. He thus started the Development of Kirlian photography.

Over the next ten years he and his wife developed and perfected an apparatus for this photography. They employed a high-frequency oscillator or spark generator that operated at 75 to 200 kHz. Eventually he claimed that that energy around the person’s body was the person’s Spiritual Aura. In Torah the term for the Aura is Ohr HaMakif / The Surrounding Light.

Rabbis, like the Ben Ish Hai and the Ari z”l speak about this light. It is also mentioned in the Talmud, in tractate Berakhot – where Rabbi Yohanan, a beautiful sage, went to visit an infirm Rabbi / do the Mitzvah of Bikur Holim, visiting the infirm. In the dark room, he revealed his arm which illuminated the room. Moses also had such a great aura that would illuminate the room when he was a baby.

Torah & The Aura

A Russian Aura Investigator, Zevulun Revayev, investigated the impact of doing mitzvot / Torah commandments on the aura. He has a Kirlian Camera hooked to a computer with Aura Software. He experimented with the aura in many situations with many subjects. (Apparently his studies were on Jewish Subjects – results may differ for Gentiles. Apparently gentiles that do their 7 noahide laws will experience similar aura improvement.)

The Aura has various colors
Material Colors are – Red, Yellow and Green
Spiritual Colors are – Blue, Purple and White

A Baby has a white aura. It is understandable – a baby is pure.

One of his subjects was a scientist – Arik Naveh – that practiced transcendent mediation. He believed in the aura. At that time he was not too connected to the Mitzvot. He was videoed before and after wearing tephillin- he saw aura immediately change. When he noticed the immediate improvement in his aura to white – a change he did not see with much of his meditation – he dedicated himself to putting on tephillin daily.

Findings on impact of Mitzvot on Aura

Negative Impact on the Aura – Color turned red, yellow or green
1. Wearing Non-Kosher Tephillin / Phylacteries
2. Wearing Non-Kosher Talit
3. Anger and Anxiety
4. Aggressiveness
5. Negative Thoughts

Positive Impact on the Aura – color turned, blue, purple or white
1. Wearing Talit and Tephillin
2. Learning Torah
3. Prayer and Saying Tehillim / Psalms – with Kavana / concentration
4. Immersion in a Mikve
5. Blowing of the Shofar / Ram’s horn
6. Love of a Fellow

The Torah guides woman to be appreciated by refraining from clothes that draw attention to herself. We call this Tzniut. A married woman – covers her hair with a beautiful scarf. In the investigation Mr. Revayev asked a woman to film the aura of a woman who was not wearing a scarf. When she placed one one one – her aura brightened up immediately. A woman who placed on a wig – he found that the aura became cloudy yellow. Modesty for a woman means that she is appreciated for her inner qualities, rather than her external qualities.

Mr. Revayev did a demonstration on the power of Netilat Yadayim / ritual washing of the hands in the morning. In the morning, we take a wash cup, full of water and pour it alternating on each hand 8 times – assuring the entire hand – from wrist bone – is rinsed from impure spirits that gather in the hands when we sleep. (Pour on Right hand, left, right, left, right, left, right, left). After a people attending his lecture did the ritual washing they noticed a marked difference in their aura – as seen by the aura camera. Many went out and purchased wash cups.

Physical Health linked to Spiritual Health

People have noted that aura’s color can signify a physical ailment. This is a Torah concept. A Jewish person has 613 Mitzvot / commandments. 365 are Prohibitions – that one avoids – daily 365 days a year. 248 are positive commandments – for a person to do – with his 248 members of their body. If one is deficient in a particular spiritual matter – it may have an effect on his physical body. There are works on this subject – one is called Torah Therapy

Metzora / an ailment like leprosy is linked to the prohibition of speaking lashon harah / evil speech about others, even if it is true.

Once a person told a Rabbi she had pain in the shoulder. He asked her if she was careful about doing Netilat Yadayim of Mayim Aharonim / washing the hands with final waters – before Grace after meals is said. They said no. The Halacha / Jewish law states Tekef lenetilah beracha – immediately after washing hands is the blessing (of grace after meals). The word for immediately / Tekef are the same letters as shoulders / ketef in hebrew. They were more careful not to make an interruption and they were healed.

Obviously, for an ailment a person must see a doctor. It is forbidden to live in a town without a Doctor. But, if one can focus in on the spiritual cause from the Torah as well as the physical ailment, apparently they could have a greater chance of healing.

Yes I Drive Fast, But I Still Value Speed Limit Laws

thinkThink. In the 1910’s IBM developed a popular motto – Think. Just that. It is easy to accept the status quo and go with the flow. IBM’s motto gained enormous popularity – that it still uses today – apparently by breaking from just accepting something because society or one’s value system leads them to think that way. Apple took a variation – Think Different. Both mottos’ philosophy come from Judaism. To lead a productive and meaningful life one uses the gift G-d gave us – our mind. Judaism is open to questions and challenges. It answers them satisfactorily.

The point of this site is for a person to think. It geared to the open-minded that can appreciate thought and logical analysis of contemporary issues – leading to a better life.

Two Ways to View Laws

There are two ways of looking at laws. I value their existence – even though occasionally, I don’t necessarily understand them or follow them. Or my opinion or lifestyle is different so I will change the laws based upon my values.

For man made laws – either is acceptable. The attitudes will not necessarily lead to a moral law – but laws will follow the level of morality of the strongest or most vociferous political supporters or voters.

Divine Law vs. Man-Made Law

Torah law is different – for Torah is the only Divine Law given to a nation of millions of people who heard G-d themselves. Thus Torah law is G-d’s view of morality. G-d’s law is true morality.

People cannot arrive to true morality through vote. There were times in which child sacrifice was the vogue. Abraham protested and taught about the immorality of sacrificing children. Now, it is obvious that child sacrifice is immoral. But at one point in history it was acceptable. If one were to vote before Abraham’s time about child sacrifice – they would have voted it moral. The Nazi’s would have voted that killing innocent people is moral. But obviously, it is not moral. Thus, morality cannot stand by the opinion of people.

Only G-d’s morality is true morality.

I taught a person about the 7 Noahide laws.

The Seven Noahide Laws
They are seven major categories – that with their details consist of 30 laws.

1) Respecting G-d – Not to blaspheme.

2) Being Faithful to G-d – Not to Commit Idolatry – which prohibits worship to any physical object, animal, person or energy (like fire or wind) or spiritual being. (G-d is not Physical, nor spiritual. Anything that can be destroyed cannot be G-d – because it has a weakness – the fact it can be destroyed. Physical and spiritual entities can be destroyed – thus they cannot be G-d.)

3) Respecting Human Life – Not to Kill.

4) Respecting One’s Fellow’s Property – Not to Steal.

5) Respecting the Integrity of the Family – Not to commit forbidden relations – which includes prohibitions of adultery, incest, bestiality and homosexuality.

6) Respect of Life
– Not to eat a limb taken from a living animal.

7) Law and Order
– Establishing courts of law to enforce these laws.

He didn’t appreciate it. Apparently because he condoned one of the above.

Open mindedness is accepting ideas based upon their value to society.

This is very different than one who accepts any idea because someone in society holds of it. This attitude leads to leads to degradation of society’s values. Because a person kills, because he has a reason does not make it right. It is prohibited to kill.

Abortion is killing. In Jewish law – if the Mother’s life is in danger – G-d forbid – by the child – an abortion is permitted. This is only because the child is considered as a rodef – one that may cause the death of another. Thus Torah permits abortion in the case where a respectable Doctor says that the woman’s life is in serious danger if she completes her pregnancy. (Obviously, one must consult a respectable Orthodox Rabbi – to determine if this is the case for the final – decision of halacha / Jewish law.)

Balance in World

G-d made a balance in the world. This is for the purpose of freedom of choice. G-d wants a person to exercise their freedom of choice.

Once idolatry was prevalent in the world. Today it is less popular. The reason – once the Rabbis prayed that the Yetzer HaRa’ / Evil Inclination (the thoughts and desire that pushes us to do bad) be reduced. G-d removed the desire for physical relations and for idolatry. Whe He removed the desire for the opposite gender – reproduction (ie, births) dwindled. G-d thus restored this desire, but tempered it by removing the desire for one’s family members. G-d removed the desire for idolatry – but at the same time G-d made a balance that – people did not fully understand the idea of animal offerings. Today, people don’t understand or may be a bit pushed off by the idea of offering animals. This feeling is the result of G-d creating a balance in the world – removing the desire for idolatry – He balanced it by removing the comprehension of animal offerings in the Beit Hamikdash / Holy Temple.

Once my wife’s Grandfather felt badly that the works of many Moroccan Torah sages were lost. When he read something that Rebbi Yoel Teitelbaum – the Rebbi of Satmar – wrote – he was comforted. He wrote that there is a balance in the world. Sometimes Holy Torah books are lost. The reason – is that they contain – tremendous wisdom and boost greatly belief in G-d. If these were published – G-d would have to allow works of Apikorsut – Heresy into the world to counter them. Thus to avoid the negative works to be published – G-d hid away these great Torah works.

If there are too many works of Torah value – many people will be drawn to Torah – which might have disturbed the balance of freedom of choice.

The point of this site is to get people to think. It is not to push a point of view. Each one has a mind and can decide, through proper thought and consulting the Torah view of things what is right or wrong.

Provided there is this concept – of balance and freedom of choice – we can ask the following question –
Does Liberalism cause extremism? Liberalism basically says everything is ok. Extremism says everything is not ok. Does one causes the other? I don’t know.

The Middle Road is Complete

What is the solution? The middle road – Judaism. Which states that things in their proper measure or place or time are ok. G-d gave us the golden rule – whatever is hateful to yourself, don’t do to others. Even that law must be used with proper thought as well.

I don’t believe in the denominations of Judaism. There was only one Jewish nation when we received the Torah. There is still only one Jewish nation. When the Jews received the Torah – it was halacha / Jewish law – given by G-d that guided us.

Thus, the thinker will say – in terms of Jewish law – it might be a challenge – but I still accept it as law. I might not do it fully, but I accept it as law. This is much more logical than saying I will change the laws – that were divinely given. Although we humans are intelligent – we still cannot fathom the wisdom of Hash-m and thus to tamper with perfection of Divine law is detrimental – to us and society – as history and current events have shown.

7 Reasons for the World Turmoil According to Judaism

shalomI remember the world of my youth. It was such a nice place.

A pleasant walk in the field. Catch a raindrop in your mouth. Appreciating the Swiss alps.

Now. The world in turmoil. Why?

Observing the way of the world, you see a re-occurring trend.

A movement arises. It becomes popular. Then eventually it wanes. The world discards it because of lack of interest or lack of lasting value. Or it self-destructs.

Take communism, it fell apart. It was a system that self destructed because of many reasons. The major reason because lack of truth. Its founders thought it was a panacea for the worlds ills, equality for the common man. They found out that it also lead to corruption and poor distribution of the goods, placing more of a boon on the common man than liberating him.

Nations rise and fall. Mark Twain wrote about it in his essay on the Jews… The Egyptian, Babylonian, Romans fell but the Jew remains. What is the secret of their eternity?

A Common Reason for their fall is lack of morality and values.

This is called catharsis. Going through a mode and discarding it for it is not truth.

Truth lasts. Falsity falls. Good stands. Evil self-destructs.

The world in its present form follows a pattern of the week of creation. Each 1000 years is like a day. On the seventh day G-d rested. Today we are in the 5775 year of the Jewish calendar. Meaning that the world will change to another mode in 225 years.

But before this the world will have to reach a level of world peace, called the Messianic Age. It is when nation will not lift sword against another.

The world is a macrocosm of the individual. There are two ways a person can repent / do Teshuva and better their ways. One is to arrive at truth through logic and learning experiences. Another is to be put against a wall because of suffering or pain and come to the realization one must change. (Some, unfortunately, never come to the realization of truth in this world and die, finding out in the next world – called the world of truth)

The individual learns truth. And the world learns truth. As stated before, nations primarily fall because of lack of values. If the world learns truth and values, through Torah – the only value system given directly by G-d to a nation of millions in which every single one of them heard G-d (as opposed to a single individual who had a vision about what G-d told him and passed it on) – then the world can come to its potential peaceably.

If the nations of the world say, yes we recognize the Torah as having the universal value system, that we will abide by, then a peaceful transition is possible. If they recognize that G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has given us the true values in which to abide by, there is hope.

But If they hold on to values and laws that serve to only satisfy their desires, like in Rome, then we must bear the turmoil we find ourselves in today.

The point of man is to find a higher truth through G-d. The first step though is to determine which is the true word of G-d. It would be “irresponsible” of G-d to let one person know and then let him transmit His teachings. Everybody would rightly have the excuse to say, I never heard G-d say anything to me. But if G-d told a nation of millions of people his word, then people cannot say I never heard it, because millions of people did.

Take a product recall. Should a company let all purchasers know of the recall, which is responsible. Or should they let one purchaser know and tell him to notify others, which is irresponsible.

It’s important to note that G-d is intelligent. His law is achievable by man. He knows if we understand it. He knows we can do it, otherwise He would not give it. And he changes not His mind.

Only G-d’s morality is true morality. If nations were smart, they would employ professionals in whatever they endeavor to build. To build a bridge – you need architects, engineers, and construction managers. To build a computer – one needs hardware and software professionals. To build a country – one needs experts in morality. Thus many kings – had prominent rabbis as advisers. If one wants to know about morality – go to the professionals – the Rabbis who know the Torah in and out. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, ztl was of the Caliber to give advice to nations.

The seven reasons for turmoil are the Seven Laws given to Noah needed for world peace.

These are they

The Seven Noahide Laws
They are seven major categories – that with their details consist of 30 laws.

1) Respecting G-d – Not to blaspheme.

2) Being Faithful to G-d – Not to Commit Idolatry – which prohibits worship to any physical object, animal, person or energy (like fire or wind) or spiritual being. (G-d is not Physical, nor spiritual. Anything that can be destroyed cannot be G-d – because it has a weakness – the fact it can be destroyed. Physical and spiritual entities can be destroyed – thus they cannot be G-d.)

3) Respecting Human Life – Not to Kill.

4) Respecting One’s Fellow’s Property – Not to Steal.

5) Respecting the Integrity of the Family – Not to commit forbidden relations – which includes prohibitions of adultery, incest, bestiality and homosexuality.

6) Respect of Life
– Not to eat a limb taken from a living animal.

7) Law and Order
– Establishing courts of law to enforce these laws.

Surviving the turbulent times will be challenging. Some say millions will perish. It will be an upheaval to bring the world to true morality and values as given by G-d almost 3,000 years ago. People can chose to ignore them or avoid them but the intelligent thing to do is to accept them. G-d wants the world to arrive at truth of His morality. If a person already accepts it, it will be more likely that they survive. If a person does sincere teshuva / repentance – they will likely survive.

shalomenvOnce my cousin, as a child did something improper. His father explained to him why what he did was wrong and was ready to give him a hit. He replied to his father “Dad I accepted what you have to say. So there is no reason to hit me now.” The same applies to us. If we accept the lesson and search sincerely for truth – even with the idea of having to modify our current values and lifestyle – there is no reason for the punishment. We more likely will survive in these turbulent times.

In these trying times – we must hold on and reinforce our faith in Hash-m / G-d. Many prophetic visions on the time before Messiah will arrive have been realized recently. World War III (already started on Sept 11, 2015). Russia attacks Turkey. Our faith and efforts to become closer to Hash-m will help us weather the storm – to arrive at a world of ultimate peace.